About Us

Established in the UK in 1998, Omega Plastics began operating as an offshoot from Omega Plastics in the USA, a company that was the first to introduce many of the techniques that are today considered standard in many rapid tooling facilities in Europe. A large proportion of the new practices in the industry are as a result of the well experienced and yet still evolving professional toolmakers at Omega Plastics.

In March 2006 Omega Plastics in the UK were acquired by two experienced, British Engineers; Dave Crone and Chris Thompson, who collectively have a goal to make Omega Plastics the most advanced, and technically competent rapid tooling and  low volume plastic injection moulding  company.

Our Message

Our message to customers is simple – we manufacture injection mould tools and mould components, both to a high standard and rapid turnaround time. We’re experienced, industry leaders and we’re here to help take your product to market.” – Chris Thompson, Chairman.

We’ve made thousands of moulds and have worked to reduce the time it takes to get parts to our customers. The key aspect of making that happen is that we assign each individual mould to a single highly-skilled toolmaker. That individual communicates with the customer, draws the design in real-time in the tool room, the engineering and the trialling of the tool. To summarise, Omega offers a very personal service throughout the whole product development cycle.” – Dave Crone, Group Managing Director.

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