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As an organisation, we understand the importance of integrating corporate social responsibility into our everyday lives, in particular our working day.

The OPG corporate social responsibility strategy is based around three things; our employees, local education and the environment.

Through incorporating CSR into our group strategy we have increased our employee engagement & productivity, contributed to local schools & colleges whilst being aware of our environmental impact.


We are dedicated to every one of our employees and we put significant focus on employee engagement. Through continuous investment in new machinery and technology and an effective communication plan we can not only ensure that our employees are carrying out their best work but that they are always making an impact in their role.

We are also committed to the development of our employees and so we offer both in-house and external training. This guarantees our employee’ confidence in their role and allows them to keep up to date with any technical developments within the industry.


We enjoy making a positive impact on the younger generation and so we are extremely involved in education.

In addition to our work placement and apprenticeship program, we host a number of educational factory visits across the year as well as university lectures.

Giving students an insight into our workplace builds excitement as well as an insight into how the workplace is ran and the wealth of opportunities available to them in the industry.


We are aware of the importance of taking care of our environment, and so we have integrated a recycle, reduce and re-use programme into each of our facilities.

With a target to reduce our plastic waste and energy levels, each one of our facilities is fitted with censored lights and we have recently made a huge investment in all-electric injection moulding machines.

We also have an internal recycling programme that is ran effectively through all three of our factories – all of which contributes towards our efforts to protecting our environment.

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