Plastic Injection Moulding

Omega Plastics have an impressive range of plastic injection moulding capacity, varying from 30 tonnes up to 1300 tonnes. This selection includes the ancillary Plastic Injection Moulding equipment such as: heaters, dryers, hot runner controllers, conveyors and much more.

Plastic Injection Mould Tooling

Our plastic injection moulding process involves making use of an injection mould tool — manufactured by us but owned by you, the customer — in order to produce parts.

We can manufacture tooling in aluminium (our softest metal), P20 or fully-hardened H13 — the chosen material purely dependent on the amount of parts needed for the tool itself. In effect, the more parts that will be required, the harder the tool will need to be.

These tooling materials can all be hand-loaded or fully automated too, depending upon your volume and the speed requirements of your plastic injected parts.

Furthermore, we can provide your injection moulded parts in any standard injection mouldable polymers and in any volume you require. Because of the diverse range of industries we’re involved in and the requirements they bring, we have the capacity to provide extremely low volume (usually for concept or approval) or low to medium volume production.

In addition, we can over-mould any number of threaded inserts, metal fret connectors or other plastic injection parts to give your low-volume product a professional finish.

Full Service Plastic Injection Moulding

Sub-assemblies can also be created as part of our plastic injection moulding services and packaged to your requirements. The same applies for various finishing processes, including:

• Chrome plating of plastic
• Painting
• Digital imaging
• Pad printing
• RF shielding
• Packaging and stillage’s
• Injection moulding quality control

Latest Machinery and Expertise

All our plastic injection moulding presses are manufactured by Demag, Fanuc, Negri Bossi or Sandretto Series 8 and are well maintained — just like all of our equipment within our Blyth and Teesside factories.

Our highly motivated plastic injection moulding setters and operators are fully trained in the use of aluminium hand-loaded tooling too, providing the longevity you need along with the quality you demand.

For added peace of mind, we have ISO:9001-2008 quality standards in place to regulate our processes.

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